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Combi Dessert Machines Trusted by the World's Finest Chefs

Bravo Trittico machines are innovative combi-machines that heat, cool, freeze, and whisk producing an array of pastry, frozen desserts and savory foods all in less than one squared meter of space.

Bravo is the ONLY machine that unites all of the processes involved in the production of high quality pastry, gelato and confectionaries.

The Bravo Trittico Mechanic is the first multifunctional machine (or “combi machine”) for gelato and ice cream ever presented.

The Bravo Trittico Executive with it's multipatented technology and it's exclusive advanced software allows for the automatic production of a wide range of high level pastry and frozen desserts, offering ease of production in exquisite confectionary items that traditionally require the tremendous skill and time of a master chef.

*Butter Cream*Pate a Bombe*Chocolate Professional Tempering*Custard*Sauces*Mousses*Bavarian Cream*Fruit Jelly*Marmalades & Jams*Creme Ganache*Bechamel*Gelato*Sorbetto*Premium Ice Cream and more..

The Bravo Trittico machines are made up of two tanks that work automatically and independently of one another. In the upper vertical chamber the mixture is pasteurized/heated.

In the lower chamber the mixture undergoes the cooling, whisking and freezing process. The operator can be cooling down butter cream in the lower chamber while tempering chocolate in the upper chamber.


Bravo is trusted by some of the world's finest chefs..
Pierre Herme, Paul Bocuse,
Gerard Mulot, & Fauchon, just to
name a few.

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Bravo is a partner of the World Pastry Cup and proud sponsor of Team USA

Watch for Bravo Trittico on Top Chef: Just Desserts and Top Chef Seasons 7 & 8!


"I was looking for a machine to cook custard filling without losing any of the quality in preparing it by hand. The result is that it had absolutely no negative affect on the quality with an extraordinary refinement in the texture. It's ease of use is unrivaled."


Gerard Mulot - Paris